About us

NAGINI is an athletic ring line founded in 2016 by Paydin Layne LoPachin. Having issues herself trying to prevent injury to her fingers she decided to build a product that would protect your fingers against the everyday wear and tear. Paydin’s unique and durable rings prevent blisters, tearing of the skin, and callouses. They act as cushioned shock absorbers that protect the bones, ligaments, and tendons in the fingers. Her tapered cut and exposed slit for the knuckle provide a comfortable fit for all sizes. Paydin wanted to provide an alternative to taping your fingers; a product that would protect and keep up with your active, blood, sweat, and tears life. She continues to learn through the business building process, while always striving to perfect her products, and grow her brand. 
NAGINI strives to reflect the diversity of our customers and we hope you can express and protect yourself with your very own NAGINI accessory.